Fitness Lovers in Mauritius

Hi, I’m a Ghanaian who just moved to Mauritius from Dubai due to work. I’m currently living in Rose Hill. The weather is really amazing😍
I’m a certified Fitness Trainer and i’m looking forward to meet fitness enthusiasts on this Island. I speak only English but I don’t mind making friends with other language speakers :D
Let me know if u want to make friends, workout and have fun 😊


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Medaase Cleo 😁

Hello! i workout at SPARC which is at flic en Flac.. just moved to mauritius from Singapore about 4 months ago! welcome to mauritius!

Thank u, i’ll check it out online and let u know when I can come around.
How is Mauritius treating u so far?

Hi everyone and welcome to Mauritius. I like making new friends and enjoy life, so if you want to discover Mauritius Island do not hesitate to let me know :) . I would be very proud to make you discover the island with its beautiful seaside, waterfalls and even mountain hiking. See you soon :)

Hello just moved here myself as the SSR Chair of African Studies in the University of Mauritius. I reside in Quatre Bornes not far from Rose Hill.Am looking for a fitness trainer since the gyms here are not too great.If interested in possibly becoming my trainer please send me a motivational letter focused on experiences with working with people over 50 with their fitness needs, your CV and 2-3  confidential references to my email: **** I will then contact you for an interview session if there seems to be a possible fit.

Thanks so very much.

Kind Regards,
Prof John
Professor John H Stanfield II

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Hi Georgouz,

Just seeing your post now. If you are in Rose Hill, you have Ebene which is near, then visit Imotion Gym located in the Nexteracom Tower.
Small gym but great coaches and great atmosphere !

hey Dear how are you. i am Ruvimbo. interested in the working out and fun. can i have your number.

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