adopting a kitten

a couple of days ago i found a (really small) kitten that was screaming. it seemed abandoned. now i am kinda worried about possible deseases/ parasites this little thing may have brought inside my place. kitten seems fit and fine but i saw some tiny insects running and hiding in the furr.
plus the first night it did piss and shit on my couch (it does that now on the balcony).
another thing i cannot keep it forever. i want to get it street fit and then release it on its way

Kind of you to rescue this kitten. Definitely it needs care for a while, and anti flea/mite treatment. A pet supply shop can sell you a tube of Advance or Fipronil or Revolution. . .Ypu will have to guess kitten's age as not recommended to use these treatment if kittens are under two months.
Also clean him or her with a wet/damp cloth and a little vinegar(just carefully avoid eye area). The kitten will need a small litter box and litter etc. unless it has some soil/garden area outside in which to do its business.
Once fleas etc. are cleared up, good feeding will build it up quickly. The pet supply shop will have soft and dry food especially for kittens.
Enjoy the experience!

thanks for your reply. i have another question. that kitten has a lot of eye discharge. and it dries hard. right now one eye is basically dried shut with crust. i tried to get it away but that's not easy and i don't want to do more harm than good...

You need to see a vet

Only vet. No your own ideas about how to cure the small creature. You can harm it and have much more problems.

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