Job adverts in bulgaria

If anyone can help me how to get a job in Bulgaria I would appreciate it so much. I wanted to move there and the only way I can is to find a job their. I hope someone here can give me an advice on how to.

Do you speak Bulgarian? What are your job skils?

I'm still in the process of learning the language. I'm a fast learner anyways so I think I will learn in no time. But for now, I'm looking for a job that doesn't require so much communication skills because I'm still learning the language. I can do any kind of job as long as I get to reside anywhere in Bulgaria. I hope u can help me with this. Thank u and God bless.

Go onto glass door website or get the app on your mobile .they have English speaking jobs on site
Happy job hunting

Thank u. But do they have an office in Bulgaria?I only wanna work there.

It is a website that advertises jobs all over Bulgaria

Hi Kadebs,

It will be a bit difficult for you since you do not speak the language yet and have shown no specific qualifications or skills.
In your case I would suggest a couple of actions that will help you to achieve your goal.

1. Keep learning the language;
2. Develop some kind of a professional skill
3. Visit the country with a tourist visa and try to find a job here, easiest way is for hospitality jobs - hotels and restaurants in the summer - in the seaside resorts and in winter - mountain resorts; other options are construction jobs, but they require some skills; and third option is work for commercial chains like METRO, BILLA, LiDL ot for McDonnalds/KFC fastfoods (but this would require sufficient level of Bulgarian).

Anyway, I would recommend best if you can find a work with your own language. It would be helpful if you also speak Spanish, so that you can apply for a call center job.

U are right. I think the best way to do this is to get a visa and apply a job there. Thank u so much for ur advice. I will follow this. I appreciate the time. May the almighty bless u and ur family.

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