savings transfer: yes or no?

Hi folks,
Is it worth to transfer all my savings to leva or euro because no deal Brexit will almost certainly happen? They predict the value of the pound drop to just one US dollar . I am not going back to the UK, I have permanently settled in Bulgaria.

I think a transfer is the wisest choice the pound is tumbling down and it's going to the drain when no deal is a fact.
I would choose for Leva in your situation, but it's your decision of course.

Must say I'm glad my country has a stable government and don't do the stupid things that can ruin the country.

Why are you talking in dollars?

it is just an example of how deep the pound could fall after hard Brexit

This a tough one, 1 Pound sterling equals 1,10 Euro.

Interesting article HERE.

The Guardian

Expert: Pound would plunge below euro after no-deal
The pound would plunge below parity with the euro if there is a No Deal Brexit, predicts Ranko Berich, head of market analysis at Monex Europe.

He says the “fragile support” created by Boris Johnson’s trips to Paris and Berlin last week have been obliterated by the political drama back in Westminster.

“No-deal risk remains the be all and end all for sterling.

Given that sterling’s fall over the past six months has been driven by an increase in the no-deal risk, from an outside possibility to approximately 50% chance today, we estimate that the pound is likely to weaken by around a further 7% if no deal actually happens – taking GBPUSD to around $1.12 and EURGBP to just below parity.

One pound is worth €1.096 right now, meaning one euro is worth 91.2p, close to last month’s 10-year low.

It looks really really bad!

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