Moving to Morocco in November

I'm moving soon and I would like to move to a town between Marrakech and Tinghir. I'm looking for 2 bedrooms around 5000 dhs per month.  I'm having a difficult time because I am state side. I won't be having my own transportation immediately.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

5000 is too much in this area

When you say too much will I rent for less then 5000 dhs? Between 3000 + 4000?

Less than 3000

But you have to find a moroccan friend to negotiate the rent

Chukran jazeelan.

Thank you I do have someone close to me that can do this. What I would like to know are some names of nice apartments if anyone knows any.

try to rent from a moroccan family house, it is  cheaper than any other

Thank you for telling me that. I've had several others say the same thing.

you re welcome, enjoy the most you can

Hello sister , the rent of 2 bedroom or a house will not up to 5000 dh in this place you are going to live because its just small cities even the rent for a house with two room and sitroom and kitchen will be 2000 dh per month . I wish to help you find a house but its far from the city i live

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