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Hlo Sir/ Madam Good morning

I have just been in Bahrain for six months, I don't like work here, I want to go back to India from here.When I spoke about what my company said, you have to pay for going. They asked me to give 1000 BD. Will I have to pay them and go back? I have to go back to India please help me what I can do Thanks,

Read the threads.  I have answered this questions literally hundreds of times.  Don't be lazy and keep asking the same thing again and again.

Hlo Sir

Good morning
Sir I work as a  delivery driver in a restaurant chain. I came to Bahrain in just 7 months. I have to go back to my country because of my personal problem. I had put my resign on 23rd August and also given a 1 month notice period. 5 days after giving me the redignation I was called to the office and said, "You have to pay 400 BD for go back your home.
He's saying the company spent a lot of money to get you here too. In 400 bd he has charged visa fees driving licence (MC),insurance fees , CPR and air ticket. I refused to give them money. And they said to me, "We will complain against you in the LMRA. Sir, my passport is also with him. My visa is up to January.

Please Guide Me

1. Do I have to pay them?
2. If the company complaint against me, there is no problem for me?
3. Can the company stop my salary in these notice period months?

    please help me, I will wait for your  valuable reply.


1) No
2) There is a problem if they report you as absconding
3) Legally, no

As I said before, the only options you have:

1) Resign via registered mail and retain the pink slip
2) Go to Ministry of Labor and file a case against the company
3) Go to LMRA and inform them of the situation & the case

Or else get a lawyer to help you sort it out.  It will cost money.

Sir I have given my resignation in 3 ways.
By Email, by post office with pink slip and By Hard Copy also.

Like if he is asking for money from me, can I speak to him give  in writing. Doing so will also proof that the company asks me for money.


Sure get it in writing.  But only MOL can help you.

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