Can foreigners get work in Davao?

Hi All,

Just wondering how feasable it is for a foreigner to get a job in Davao?

I want to move to Davao to be with my girlfriend.

I'm in the IT hardware field so it's not as highly specialized as say network administration or web design.

Can foreigners get less skilled work for work visa purposes? Or is it just not going to happen?

I'd appreciate any feedback.

Kind regards


Good luck.

I take that answer means it's not likely?

Most jobs in IT are only for Filipinos, forbiden for foreigners.

Sorry mate, if you cant afford to live here independently of work, then don't chance coming here hoping that you are going to get work.

If you do come, then on the ground contacts is the best way to look for any form of work, casual at best.  I know that some foreigners teach English online.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

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