Tejoori Bisb Vs Al Hayrat bbk

Dear All,

Please advice which one is better to invest Bisb Tejoori account or BBK Hayrat. ?

I don't think Tejoori is for expats as all winners uptill now Bahraini only.

Any experience with BBK Al Hayrat ?



I don’t think in this part of the world you need to worry about fraud as regards favoritism or well dodgy draws. You can check with the authorities as regards the draws under strict regulations and on specific dates and times with audience presence as well.
I think it’s more about the customer base ie more of expat or locals investing based on their locations and service preferences.

So far I have invested with AUB, BBK, BMI, and KFH. I did win with KFH albeit only $500 and when the representative called me to tell me that I won I was like “I see”. I think he was expecting more of a response than that so that was fun   :D

Good luck!

As mentioned above.

The only thing I would add is that I would not call this an investment.  It is putting money in and hoping to win - that's called gambling :).  As far as investments go, don't bother putting in more than the minimum amount for the draws and look at real investment options elsewhere.  There is a sticky on this forum for savings and investments.

Gambling  :o
Indeed its gambling! oops!

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