Life in Dubai

Id been already here for the last few months, but I am still missing home.. Is it just me or this will always be the same?

Thanks for your support...  :unsure

Dubai is a safe and very beautiful city you can consider it as your home

Hi Karen... It will be my pleasure to be friends... I am Mohamed Egyptian and resident in Dubai since 14 years... Leisure manager in 5 star hotel... Looking forward to hear back from you

Hey guys, our home is too old, so we decided to sell it and to plan to take an apartment or a villa in Dubai and enjoy a worry-free life. From one month, I stay in touch with some real estate broker or agent, but I don't get any satisfaction with apartments and villas. I also visit many online rentals portal on google like but don't choose any yet. Hey guys, now I become so tired and looking forward to all of you if anyone kindly gives some best and suitable recommendation about it.
Thanks to all.

i am not real estate agent, but message me on my number in your inbox. will advice you

Thank you.

hi ,
Its best place areound the world . and you need to search things and keep yourself busy.

Best of Luck.

The life in Dubai was amazing. I was there for 2 months for a project and I just wanted to shift there for forever. I really liked the people and the openness. It is a different feeling to wake up to skyscrapers.

Dubai has its own unique flavor and its city of luxury, relaxation and a lively nightlife scene with a few extremes.  Explore Dubai and start enjoying the life here by socializing with people around you.

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