What not to forget in the transition...

Any insight appreciated.....

Officially leaving Canada in about 10-12 days for work..i have travelled DR for 18 years, but this will be my longest stay to date with a 2 year contract -- last minute items I may not be thinking of that I should bring ..or things I should do before leaving....I don't care about specific foods as I am not a picky eater, and I do have all needed medications etc ..

THANKS this and a few other Expat Forums have been simply amazing for support and information!

Bring with you adaptability, tolerance and a sense of adventure with a desire to travel widely here.

Good luck and hope you enjoy this most interesting of countries and it's peoples.

Bring a reference letter from your bank if you want to open an account here.

Bring your favorite makeup and skin care, not all is available.here.

Bring your patience and sense of humor.

Leave judgement at home!

Enjoy your adventure!

Thank you ..can you tell me what I should ask my bank to reference in a letter, I am with Scotiabank so at least it is the same bank but I am not sure if the school will open an account at another branch as well for me.   Great advice!!

Letter should state you are a client in good standing for X years.  And Scotiabank here is not affiliated with Scotiabank there. But, there are some perks like no atm fees on your canadian card!

Great, thank you!

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Letter should state you are a client in good standing for X years.  And Scotiabank here is not affiliated with Scotiabank there. But, there are some perks like no atm fees on your canadian card!

I've heard people say this about Scotiabank RD.

Scotiabank here was founded in 1920 and operates as a subsidiary of the Bank of Nova Scotia for which Scotiabank is the brand name.

This subsidiary based in Santo Domingo holds local assets of about 1.5 billion US dollars and probably more now that it has purchased Banco Progreso and is part of the Global ATM Banking Alliance. It s a growing bank and for me the main benefit is the short queues at their banks compared with the other large Dominican banks.

If I am correct, it's credit ratings will be those of The Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) too, and as such very good. https://www.fitchratings.com/site/re/10048319

Whilst The Bank of Nova Scotia is closing some of its Scotiabank subsidiaries throughout the Caribbean islands, it is expanding in DR.

Letters of reference will be needed

True the 2 ScotiaBanks are under the same umbrella but have little influence w/ each other....
I brought the Cdn letter w/ me yrs ago....needed references still

Very old bank in the islands - from the Merchant Banking days
Cargo vessels etc

Came to the islands for the rum trade....initially Jamaica.

Canadians love their rum.......

Two bank references for me years ago....Scotiabank TCI and Barclays UK plus personal reference.

And my branch was then and still is Bonao despite me banking everywhere else.

I have had 2 Scotia accounts here previously.  I closed both of them shortly after going through all of their BS to open them to only find out they are a bunch of liars and cheats, with nothing to offer but poor service and no english speaking customer service reps including Punta Cana (tourist area).  My suggestion is Banco Popular.  Also, Ban Reservas and Progresso have fewer restrictions and an easier process to open a new account.  You will need a letter from your employer stating you are employed and your approximate salary.  A letter from your bank stating you are a good client and have active several accounts, mortgage etc. (this is a standard letter that the bank generates and is sufficient) in good standing.  Your passport and other photo ID (driver's license).  Try to have ID's and credit cards with the identical name on all documents.  A nickname or short version of your name or any other discrepancy in your name will throw them off and you may be declined.

Ok, let's not stray too far from the original request for advice

Bring Maple Syrup.

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