Sense of humour in Spain

Hahaha yes kitty and this is Venus and Mars in one sentence!

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It all depends on where you want to live, if you opt for Catalonia, don't make jokes about independence of course!  :D
Spaniards take life on the positive side, and cool. They like funny, cheerful people, in the south they are quickly more confident than north's spaniard.

and the funniest thing a Brit new in town can say is "lets meet tomorrow at 3pm?" :)

speaking about international humour,
As Academy Award nominee actor Harrison Ford once said:
"Canadians are good, talented-born comedians"
referrring to his 'Blade Runner 2045' (2017) movie co-star film actor Ryan Gosling

😭 … 0qrxL8oGbE

Really? Gosling's performance exercised my yawn more than my grin....

he has his moments..

@JIMMY BOND Was she actually playing castanyets? If she wasn´t, I fully understand her the reply

@Writerman if you want to discover true basic humour you should try watching French film "La cité de la Peur"! ;-p

I have never managed to watch more than five minutes of that...

For a good dose of Spanish humour, the carnival of Cadiz is very well known, but it takes a very high level of Spanish comprehension to understand what it's all about! There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you want to get an idea.

Also, the people of Cadiz province in Andalusia are known to have a funny bone (or several!). It is one of the reasons I moved here; the laid-back attitude and gentle joking and fun-making with just about anyone who shows a curious and good-natured attitude.

People often laugh with themselves and appreciate it when you do the same. It may not be very intellectual (although it can be!) but the goal is just to have a few good laughs together.

Anyway, to me it feels so much more agreeable than the often acerbic (and sometimes hurtful) French 'esprit'! ;-)

(N.B. I have been living in France for 19 years before coming here.)