Weekend Group Italian Lessons


I am moving to Italy in three weeks, the current plan is for two years. 

I do not speak any Italian and will need to learn as quickly as possible.

My company will give me some lessons, but i would like to also join a group at weekends, so that i can learn and i also think it would be good socially (as i do not know anyone there outside of work).

I can google, but id really like to get some recommendations of ones that have worked well, i.e.:
- a decent number of people, not to large and not too small;
- learning for day to day and not high school text book;
- does outside activities to practice the language.

Thank you


I'm new to Milan and striving to learn Italian as well! I would love to have some scheduled 'language exchange' hang outs with like-minded people.

Count me in if you manage to get hold of a group for this cause :)


Hi Sid, thats good to know we are already two people.  Lets see what we find out.

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