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I am new to this Forum.So,basically i am a Foreigner ( EU National ). I came to India on a tourist visa for 6 months. Then i got married to an indian person,who is now my husband. (We used to know eachother from before).Then i got my visa converted and extended to the X-Visa (which is the spouse visa).So on his behalf i was staying in India,Mumbai.

This Year around april it was time to get the Extension done for the 2nd time in order to get my recent valid visa. I applied,got the visa on email in a few days and after 2 days i received an email that they canceled it,without stating any reason.

I went to the FRRO with my husband personally,they were very unprofessional, unfriendly and it was just a waste of time and money.They interviewed me and my husband for 2hours, typed it online in their system.We didn't hear anything from them till today.I got very angry and called them,the officer told me,that someone had told them,that our marriage was not real since my husband doesnt live here with me and i was working here. They have no proof against all these statements but they denied me the visa.So the officer suggested,that i should leave india, re-apply for visa again. Which is very stupid.Because my documents are real and in that case they could deny me the visa too!

What would happen to my apartment here? They are so unfriendly. I am very stressed because of this issue.Some people told me,they want bribe.Because to them,it may seem,that our marriage is not real,thinking,why would a foreigner marry an indian person.I know that is not a valid strong statement.But this is how india works.Now i am looking for some contact who can help me out with this.

As i love my husband and India too.It would be a disaster to leave.They have not given me the Exit permit yet.That means,in this meanwhile i am staying here with an invalid visa,which has expired already and it would be seen as an overstay if the officers at the airport would check,in case i would leave.

But i don't want to leave,because i didnt do anything wrong.And i need my extension at any cost. Has someone had similar experiences here ? Or maybe someone knows a helpful contact? I would be very thankful.


Hello, really dorry to hear about your troubles. I'm a manager for a company here in Mumbai and we have expat employees here on work visas so we deal with the FRRO office often. They are generally unprofessional and going there is usually a waste of time. I don't think I can help you in your particular situation, but below is the visa service that our company uses and they are pretty good. They're not cheap, but I would strongly advise engaging the visa service below or another agent to assist you in the process.

Best of luck.

Fragomen Immigration Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Ground Floor |"Akemps" | No.28 | 3rd Main |1st Cross | Ashwini Layout |
Off Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road | Bangalore – 560 047 | INDIA |
Main: +91 80 61890743

Thank you ! But they are not in mumbai.Would they still help? Or do they have workers in Mumbai?


Yes they have people in Mumbai and do work here.

Hi everyone,

[at] Djohnson,

Thank you for the info. Could you please recommend the professional in the India business directory so that members can easily find the contact details ?

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About the only thing you could do is tweet the PMO India's office and explain briefly your situation.  I feel for you, and I dread going back to the US to renew my visa in about 6.5 years.  Hopefully, things visa-wise will have changed such that things are easier.

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