Urgently looking for the best neurosurgeons in Bahrain

Hi, Can anyone please suggest me the best hospital with the best Neurosurgeons in Bahrain? It’s an emergency. For stroke treatment for my parent.

If it is for some trauma related neurosurgery, then go to King Hamad, Salmaniya or BDF.
For any elective tumor surgery, big and good centers are there in Saudi Arabia. If you are an expat, I would recommend to get it done at your native country or in other developed medical centers of Asian nations.

My father got a mild stroke and he has 2 minor blocks in his brain (early stage) according to the initial reports. Traveling is not advisable in this condition. He approached Al Hilal hospital first. Now he moved to BDF. I’m still looking for a better Neurosurgeon in town.

Wishing him the good recovery. BDF and King Hamad, both are good options in such cases.

Sorry, I only saw this now.
I highly recommend Dr Sami Gouda at Middle East Hospital. He had me walking our of there in a week

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