lung scar bahrain

hello, i would like to know if there is a chance i can get fit to work here in bahrain medical center. i have lung scar due to minimal ptb. i have a medical certificate from the philippines that im fit to work. im currently working here in bahrain for 5months and i was scheduled for medical check up. im really worried i want to work here in bahrain i came here using visit visa.any suggestion guys.  thank you

Hi and welcome to Bahrain

i think since you already have that certificate it will be alright , and since that scar is not affecting your health the check up will be fine.

may you have a long healthy life

thank you. but im worried since i read forum some deported for having this case. many says that medical cert from your own country will not recognized. But still hoping to pass tge medical. inshallah

Hi, how are you? how was your medical check up back in October?..

Hope all is well..

Hi, how are you? I have the same scenario hope you could help me. Have you passed the medical exams.

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