Pregnant without the father

How to deliver the baby in bahrain public hospital or even private if my husband wasnt here?

It is not about husband being here or not.  It is about being registered in Bahrain as married.  If your husband is not here and your status is single, then you need a marriage certificate which is duly attested by MOFA and Bahrain Embassy in home country so that you are able to prove to the hospital that you are married.

Thank u for ur response,  anyway i bring my marriage contract here, so how i supposed to tell in the hospital?

Are they gonna put me in jail if the father of the baby wasnt here??

No they won't put you in jail IF you are married and have a marriage contract which is duly attested.

How about the husband the dont ask me where is he???

If they do, just say that he is outside the country.

Is it surely , is there something proofs

Marriage certificate to prove you are married. Attested by Bahrain embassy. That is all.

Then how can i surely see and prove thats im safely  deliver here..?

After the baby delivered here in bahrain, should they allow to give birth certificate without husband here??? But i have married certificate..

Are they gonna allow the name of my husband and is it allowed to bring the baby in the Philippines???

Don't understand. Already answered your question.

Alexandra maxine :

Then how can i surely see and prove thats im safely  deliver here..?

Hello Alexandra maxine,

Person you are chatting with is expert of the region which you are in right now.

He has replied 3402 times,

to many questions of many people and has provided them with spot on and accurate information for many years.

That's your proof.
Don't you worry, just follow the advice you have already received! 

I wish you a healthy and safe delivery!

Thanks for the input finnbo!

And Alexandra, if you are so worried, may I suggest you do the following:

1) Book an appointment with a Gynae in the hospital you want to deliver.  I would suggest a private hospital like Awali or BSH or RBH
2) Meet her, explain your situation and ask about the process / your concerns

They can guide you in person as they have seen many cases like this.  And there is no risk as it is NOT illegal to be pregnant in Bahrain out of wedlock - just giving birth is.

And also, this is the GCC, there is NO such thing as father unknown on the birth certificate except for abandoned babies which are taken up by the state and given citizenship.  They will accept Father's name on the certificate based on marriage proof.

Thanks for being one of a kind person like u XTang, i hope u help more people like me, has experience depression and stress of all those question nobody can prove and answer.. thanks and God bless always 💕🙏

Thanks finnbo,god bless..

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