How can I contact to gamaca authorities?

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I had a job offer from Bahrain. But I failed in gamca medical . My bilirubin is high which will always be high. When I consulted a doctor from other hospital he said your bilirubin will always be high, some people born this way. He also said I may have Gilbert syndrome which is harmless. When I looked into gamca medical rules I didn't see this problem for unfit. I want to clear this . If anybody know about this ,please help me.
I also wanna ask to gamca medical authorities. But I don't wanna know how to contact them, please help me

Actually I talked to a doctor from another gamca medical centre. He said you only need to produce a certificate which stating my bilirubin will always be high or it's normal. But the doctor where I took gamca medical isn't willing to give me a fit certificate. I'm kinda confused some gamca medical centres are okay with this ,some are not. That's why I need to talk to a expert. If I can contact to gamca authorities will be good.
Please help me

GAMCA is primary screening, final fitness is valid only after coming to GCC and their own fitness. As far as I remember this condition is not the one which is to be considered as a criteria for unfit. For you the only way is to convince this GAMCA doctor, by any means.

Annex (3)
Medical Unfitness Cases
Infectious Diseases
1. HIV positive (AIDS)
2. Positive Hepatitis (B) Surface Antigen
3. Hepatitis C Antibody - positive
4. Microfilaria and Malaria
5. Leprosy
6. Any abnormal chest X-ray manifestations including, but not limited to:
• Active or past evidence of T.B.
• Pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary calcification
• Pleural effusion.
• Lymphadenopathy
Non-infectious diseases
1. Renal failure
2. Liver failure or hepatic insufficiency
3. Heart failure
4. Uncontrolled High blood pressure (hypertension).
5. Uncontrolled diabetes.
6. Different types of cancer.
7. Psychiatric and neurological disorders.
8. Any distortion, amputation or physical disability impeding the applicant’s performance.
9. Hemoglobin below 7g/100dl.
Pregnancy when applying for work visa.

Approach the GAMCA center and doctor with utmost politeness (lol, you have to bear this, being a doctor myself, me and and my wife were harassed by them, I thought of initially fight with them the legal way, but once I got the fit certificate, I found forgiveness as a permanent solution, but they can be real creepy people there) … ov2016.pdf

for your reference

I tried to convince him .he asked me to take the blood test again,he said he will only give the fit certificate if my  bilirubin comes below 1 , which will never do. I saw a gamca doctor from another region ,they are okay with this problem. Then  I went back to my gamca centre again and told him . If I tried to convince him one more time he will report me as unfit. He is not gonna issue me a fit certificate unless he gets a instruction from higher authorities.

You have to find a way around, I don't think anybody from this forum can give some more input on this.

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