Safety in KL

Hi everyone
Please help me on this matter:
I will be in KL with my husband in a few months, and was reading about life over there.
So many foreigners who lived there, had many concerns about safety and security there.
They mentioned lots of negative things about cellphone snatchers, burglers and rapists, ...
1.Since I want to find a job, I was wondering about my safety around the city. How is the safety status during day and night?
2. What parts of the city are safer to rent a place in?
3. We have a pet, and will be home alone sometimes. How safe is she at home? Should I be worried about her safety?
4. What transportation options do you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kuala Lumpur does have some bag snatching but apart from that most crimes do not target foreigners unless they behave ostentatiously (jewellery or showy wealth) or drunkenly which will attract attention.

Normal safety measures are all that are required. Crime figures have been reducing lately. However people's perception of crime (like yours) do not match the actual scenario. … unchanged/

Cybercrime is still a threat with scams of all kinds but again mainly local Malaysians are affected.

At night it is advisable to take a taxi and not walk in dark and isolated places which is common sense.

1. KL is far safer than most big European cities. Interpersonal violence is rare, though bag snatching can be a problem, as Gravitas said. Locals here though have an impression that Europe is safer; they should try Brixton or some of the banlieu on the outskirts of Paris, or for that matter literally any town or city in Britain when the pubs chuck out and drunken yobs roam around looking for fights. None of that here.
2. Bangsar, Mont Kiara, KLCC, Desa Park City, Bukit Damansara. You'll be fine pretty much anywhere, but those are the classy areas.
3. Don't worry.
4. I recommend living close to an MRT or LRT station (KTM service is rubbish). Even if you have a car, traffic can be terribly congested at rush hour and it's great to have the option top hop on the trains.

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