Procedure for Dependent to start working in Belgium

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I am an Indian and working in Brussels on WP. I have already applied for RP in 1000 commune which is under process.

My wife has come to Brussels on a dependent visa and she has more than 6 years of experience in Automation Testing.

So I need to know what is the process we have to follow so that she can start working as soon as possible since there have been new rules implemented from Jan 2019.

So if anyone could answer or direct me to any forum link since I couldn't find the exact information.

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She can just start working, as the new RP combines a WP with it. Only thing she would perhaps need to do is crack an interview and get an offer letter.

Thanks for your answer. So we need to just register at the commune for an RP for her? Does nothing have to be mentioned to the officials there at the commune that she wants to work like that?

Yes, exactly. Nothing needs to be mentioned, it comes automatically with the RP since Jan 2019.

Guys, do you have any document template or a link where this information is mentioned ?

I am a dependent (in Belgium already on D Visa) who has started the registration process at the commune. I will be receiving the resident card soon which as you mentioned will come combined with the work permit and will enable me to work legally.

Now, I have received an offer from a prospective employer but they are adamant on filing a single permit separately which I think isn't required and would be redundant.
They're not getting convinced that i might not need another application for a single permit afterall.

Any help would be appreciated.

A simple random Google search gave me the following results. Might be helpful to [at]Shivam … p;ie=UTF-8

Thanks Sanjay. But the link doesn't provide any information for a dependent spouse. It mentions that the employer needs to file a single permit.

In my case I will be receiving the new resident card from the commune. So does the employer to file a separate single permit application ?

The new RP which you get from the commune combines your WP, that enables you to start working. Whether if the exact information is present on the card, I can take a look at the card and confirm you.

Just to add bit more to the context, when I went to the commune earlier this year to ask exactly the same question with the forms that existed earlier for applying for a Single Permit by the employer, based on dependency, the Commune had suggested us to apply for a new RP (which is the single permit to live and work as dependent), as that's the way going forward.

Thank you for the information Sanjay

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