Solo Arrival To Medellin

Hello everyone, I'm coming to Medellin and my travel buddy just dropped out. I have South American travel experience, but I have not been to Colombia. Many Peruvians have told me that Medellin is dangerous and that I shouldn't go alone, but I imagine that they are exaggerating or may still be thinking about the way it was nearly three decades ago.

I rented an apartment for a few months and I have my ticket. Are there any neighborhoods I should stay away from, aside from the ones that can be found on Google? When I leave the airport, what would be my best and safest way to get to my apartment, Uber?

Normally I wouldn't worry, but the fact that Peruvian are telling me to be wary makes me want to ask for more opinions. Thanks!

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It's probably safer, though slightly more expensive, to get a taxi from a service located inside the arrival terminal rather than seek one outside.

Based on some recent and sour experiences, I wouldn't rent anything in a South American city for more than 4-7 days until you have confirmed that no one is building a hotel (or other noisy project) next door.  This concept may be too late for this trip, but others may benefit.


Its so convenient and cheap to take the bus right from the airport into the city center, and then either the metro or a taxi (Uber is only slightly cheaper here in Medellin) to your destination......public transport system in Medellin is excellent and out for the motorcycles.......

The bus may be fine if you don't mind the transfer and the extra time.

For those arriving during late hours or with extra luggage, the bus could be impractical compared to a taxi.


Thank you for the replies. I will try to get a taxi from the airport terminal or order an Uber in that case.

I have another question, supermarkets. What are the best supermarkets in the city?

The Carulla (kah-ROO-yah) supermarkets are a good bet. 

There are a couple of them along the Golden Mile.

Taxista, quisiera ir a supermercado Carulla, el Carulla lo más cerca.


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