Water filtration system??

Hi all,

Shopping day in the capitol.  One of the items on our list is a water filtration system for our new home.

We have been shopping around.  The only place we found one is at Ferreteria Americana.

I seem to recall a thread about a company that supplies these but could not find the thread. 

Is this familiar to anyone?  Or perhaps I am just crazy?  Can you point me to the thread if my memory serves me well....or point me to the nearest psychiatrist if I am losing it?

Thanks much,
Las Terrenas Tracy

EcoServe in Cabarete... they travel.

Same system as NYC uses....
filter & UV light

$2000 for the household.... every tap
it is installed at your source of entry

Use my name -- in Cabrera
they speak English too

Thanks much WillieWeb.  Appreciate the quick response.

We have it installed in our villa, worth every penny.  You can drink out of any faucet, should you choose to.  Ecoserve responds very quickly to issues, and are friendly when on-site as well.

They're a Cdn company -- based in London ON... believe it or not!!
Trojan Technologies

I am from there

We Canadians take our clean water seriously, eh?!

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