notarizing a document in english language?


the title says it all actually, do notaries process a document that is written in english (it's about identification verification)?

I have had big trouble trying to do this, ended up doing in the the UK.

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there are some notaries that process documents just in english, other wants the double language. It depends also about the type of document.

Let's say that generally is not a big deal, what document you need notarized?

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opening a depot with an online broker based in germany.
for id verification thhere is a form that needs to be notarized.
the form is in english and german.
when i went to the notary in varna (for immigration) there was definitly a dude who was able to speak german and english...

Well, I can just say that our notary notarize all the languages that both parties (him and the client) can speak, except for some documents where he wants to have also the translation

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