travel and live alone in SMA, perhaps teach English, security, safety

So, I am thinking of moving to SMA and leaving 40 years of marriage. Even though the marriage is stifling, there is an element of safety, perhaps boring safety, but safety never the less. I am concerned about moving there, being isolated, sick and losing hope. I think that I am looking for a temporary home until I have established myself well enough to seek greater independence. I can just see myself dejected and broke in Mexico. I have sufficient funds to live modestly, but I am faced with issues of ageing and decline. I am 77, and in quite good health, but at this age, it doesn't take much to go down hill rapidly.
Secondarily, I have and international English teaching certificate that I earned in Guadalajara about 6 months ago. Does anybody know of a local school (for adults or children) that I can connect to?

Caution. My brother 60 years old moved there 2 1/2 year's ago and have LOST contact with him for 11/2 year's ago. I have tried everything to get some help from police, newspapers., Even US embassy there but nobody will help they need to be bribed I guess.  BE CAREFUL not a safe place.

Hmmm.  Did it ever occur to you that your brother's "disappearance" might be voluntary?

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