VISA Processing: Spouse of EU National living in Ireland

Good Day Everyone,

I am from Philippines and I have a Polish spouse working in Dublin.

We're planning to finally be together and live in Ireland.
I will apply a short stay (C) visa, single entry to accompany/join my spouse. (Is this the correct one?)

The Irish Consulate here in Manila already emailed me the needed requirements on Visa processing and I am planning to apply by mid of May 2019.

Can anyone give me insights, how long should i have to wait for the Visa approval once i submitted all the needed requirements?

And please let me know how's your Visa processing experience.
Any additional requirements to provide aside from what was been emailed?
Is there any financial requirements needed?

Response regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you so much. :)

Just to be sure, if you plan to live in Ireland with your husband for good, you need to apply for a long stay (D) visa, though it takes time to process. Read this link: … eland.html as your guide. I think you can't apply for a residence permit here if you enter the country using only a short stay (C) visa.

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