Tracking the status of work permit

I have been living and working in Belgium for 3 years now and I recently switched to a new job. My employer filed for my work permit on March 10th and I haven't received any sort of updates since the application was filed. My employer says there is no option to track the application but to wait for the officials to mail the work permit to my address. Can someone let me know if there is a way to track the status of the application ?


As far as I know, there's no public tracking website for requesters.

There's no reason to have a denial if you've already been working before. (Administration is happy to know you're working, so you don't are a charge to our government AND you give money through taxes AND your integrity should already have been proven as it's been 3 years you're currently working in Belgium...)

So don't worry too much...
Belgian Administration has always been slowwwwww.....  :joking:

(Your human resource point of contact handling your file in your office can call them to try to have news about the status...............)

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