Importing motorbike from UK to Hungary

Hello to you all,

I am wondering if anyone knows how I can obtain insurance cover for a motorbike that I have purchased in England, I want to ride it to Budapest and use it here for five weeks every year. It will be re-registered here in HU and kept locked up eleven months of the year under third party fire and theft insurance.  I'm a Brit with Hungarian parents so dual nationality, I live in New Zealand but will be in HU in July/Aug.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance


I'm afraid I can't be much help yet but I plan to also import my UK bike (2010 Street Triple) to Hungary in November this year.

I'm happy to exchange when I find out about steps and also learn from any tips posted here.


It depends on if you're a resident in the UK,  if you are, then I suggest as part of your UK insurance on your bike to get European cover by asking them to include the trip to Hungary, dates of travel. Then when you are in Hungary get some local insurance if its gonna be long term. May have to re register the bike if over 6 months duration.
If you're not a resident,  let me know and I can put you in touch with a UK broker or a European insurer, depending on cover requirements,  full comp or tpft,  suppose on the value of the bike.

Thanks for the info, in my case I want to import it permanently as I am moving for at least 5 years. Therefore UK based insurance with European cover (which I currently have) would only serve temporarily until I register it in Hungary. Any info or experience on how to permanently import and register it in Hungary would be much appreciated.

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This should start you off in the right direction, it's mainly about cars, but it's the same process for bikes.

Have you heard of any bike clubs in Budapest?

@xabier hello - I saw your messages re importing a bike from the uk. I was wondering if you managed to do this and what the registration process was like. I am trying to part exchange a uk bike here in Hungary and the dealer is saying that since Brexit the rules have changed and it's much more expensive etc. ie there are additional customs fees and VAT payable ! I wanted to see if this was the case for you. Thanks. Reza.