House for rent longterm in the outskirts of beirut.

Hi!  😀  I and my family is moving to lebanon and are looking for a house to rent, not in the hot spot cause we have kids. I've heard about mount lebanon, it looks good anyone have any experience?  And if there's a house for rent with some cind of garden in a range of 500-1000$ let me know 😉😋 Best regards Lena with tribe.


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:) hi i rent out a house check out my post house and garden

House in Mount Lebanon for 1000 usd probably but not less, you can get a good apartment for 600 usd but not a house, houses costs usually 1000 usd to 1500 usd and up depending on the land specially in mount Lebanon it is more expansive than other places. It also vary from city to city. Usually for house rent you should pay 6 months in advance for the apartments i think it's 3 months but i may be wrong.
Good luck in finding.

Hello! I can help you to find a house for rent in Mount Lebanon. It is around 1000 metres height in altitude. May I know when are you coming to Lebanon? By the way here is my phone number : *** you can chat with me on WhatsApp so I can send you the houses locations available and some photos.

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Hello everyone,

[at] JIJ AA, since this is your first post on the forum maybe you could introduce yourself ? Also, if you have any offer, please drop an advert in the housing section, feel free to post pictures as well so that members may contact you : Housing in Lebanon

All the best,

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