Seven days ticket for Zseget Festival for sale


I bought a ticket for the big Szeget festival couple of months ago but recently discovered I will not be able to attend this summer.. I have to travel somewhere else.
Anyone interested in buying the ticket?
I am selling with the same price of the early birds price.
Let me know.


Sounds like fun for someone... I passed on California Jam in the 70's, doubt the Szeget would fit me at all. My husband friends and sister went, I can't stand being hot and sweaty all day long sitting in the sun.Think they sweat themselves to death for 3 days straight but they all took allot of LSD to get through it! If they are serving some Orange Sunshine at Szeget, let me know, I may be interested.
7 days of partying is allot for even a teenager.
I'm sure someone will snap up these tickets however.
Went to a day long music event in S. Ca. in 1975 when I was nearly 6 months along pregnant. My friends, husband sister and her boyfriend sat in the hot summer sun waiting for idiot Rod Stewart to go on stage.
Saw many bands before hand, Fleetwood Mac and others,Rod finally came on, sang about half a song and left the stage.
If I remember correctly Satana played, they play all the time, boring, saw them here in HU twice alone! Seems they will play anywhere anytime for a buck. If I ever have to hear Black  magic  women one more time!
The sound system wasn't up to pare for  old Rod, Dam primadonna! Waited about 6 hours for his 2 mins performance.
Never was a fan of his after that, even broke my LP's, such a jerk he was.
No interest in these long events after that "fun" time.
At my age I no longer even know who these bands are, saw most of the "greats" in my day...
My son went to the Szeget thing many years ago, said it rained and everything was muddy and wet.
Same thing happened at Woodstock, rained and was muddy and wet but I do believe the music was probably better then what is offered now.
I just tried twice to delete this answer... Oh well, seems once again I've gotten myself into the Matrix.
Enough about the past, can't compare apples to oranges.
Think one of my first major concerts was to see Cat Stevens, that's going back a spell.

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