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We are a newly married Indian couple. We will be moving to budapest soon. I require some info on which district will be safest to live in. I have heard of break ins in the apartment and thefts. Is Budapest that unsafe??
My husbands office is at district 13. We like to go out , party but we wouldn’t like too much noise around our apartment. Can you suggest any place where v get our own privacy as well as there is a lot to do around and a safe location.

Where ever you live you will always have the risk of a break in. But if you are sensible you reduce the risk.

Back to your question, this has been asked before. Please read this thread >

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Generally, public opinion is that crime is low (except for corruption):

But some districts are considered "safer" than others: … dangerous/

The USA Department of State has a (slightly old) summary here: … ?cid=17281

I know 2 different people who had their cars stolen outside their apts. and they both lived in a "good area" in Buda.
Wherever you live you have to take precautions.
First thing we did when we bought our apt. was change the front door to a solid one with security locks, 13 of them. Had only a few keys and can't make replacement keys for the door.
Had a guy try to steal my handbag on a major st. on a sunny Sat. afternoon. I was on crutches at the time.
I was not walking alone but my husband had wandered ahead of me a bit too far.
If you look or act like a victim anywhere you could be a target for any sort of crime, nothing too much to do with what district you live in.
No worries, I beat the guy off with my crutch and surprised him, he probably didn't expect me to fight back like that, was good enough so that others turned and my husband walked back, They guy and the women with him sort of slunked away fast before they got more of what I was giving out.
Always best to have someone watching your back so to speak. Never take silly chances like walking at night without proper lighting or not having your house keys in hand when at the door of your house.
Don't talk to strangers and don't get in the car... just like mum always said.
Once in awhile someone may ring the buzzer inside our apt. for us to ring them into the house, we never let anyone in that we don't know.
Make sure any apt. you move to has some security like lights at the door and or gates.
Inside our building every floor has a extra gate to enter.

These tips will certainly atleast help me stay off trouble. People can get really heartless sometimes. Actually i am a little more concerned as I am home alone throughout the day and my husband will be working. Even though i hope to find a job, dont know how that will go but hoping for the best. Not talking to strangers really? I was hoping to make some friends around as it would get really lonely. But ya i would keep my distance knowing of the stuff u told me. Thanks Marilyn

OK, maybe some strangers are nice to talk to.
Have to use common sense, not everyone is out to get you I suppose.
Mostly I will speak friendly  to a few clerks in small shops I often go to.
Maybe another customer but you should always listen to your gut feelings.
Going out shopping by yourself in the daytime is usually nothing to fear from people.
Yes, here and there a stranger may come up to you and ask for money but just keep on walking.In the daytime running errands etc. shouldn't be a big issue about safety.
I was really mad at my poor husband when I had that almost purse snatching. He should of been right behind me in case I fell down or if something like a person trying to rob me happened. I would of never walked on the street alone with crutches but he dropped the ball on me.
Of course he blamed me for having a handbag on me when he had everything we needed on him.
Blame the victim.
Can't win, my husband is Hungarian and of course he is "always right" at least that''s his opinion!
The couple who tried to rob me were Gypsies, not to be un PC but I am part native American Indian, guess a gypsy was no match for a warrior girl. He brought out a side of me I don't like much, violent and aggressive. I try to be a lady most times but sometimes one has to get down and dirty in life or people will run you over, sad.
When you are home alone, just keep the doors locked and don't open them unless you know the person. I don't even let in the gas man or electric people when I am alone, they can always come back when my husband is home.
Another thing to be aware of is if you have any sort of handyman come in, watch them, don't walk out of the room. Sometimes they may bring a helper so be sure if possible to have someone watching the helper too. Don't want to have small items going missing on you.
Basically the same sort of precautions you take anywhere wherever you live.
My son's wife in Las Vegas is super shy , she is from Japan, she never opens the door to anyone when my son is at work.
Get to know a couple of your neighbors if possible in case you ever run into a jam.
Overall HU seems pretty safe like others have mentioned , you have more to fear here from the bureaucratic system then the average person on the st.

It must be awful to live in such fear.

Considering how many rapes and acid attacks are there in india, this will be paradise for you. Alternatively, if you dont fear being alone at home now, there wont be any problems here either.

You can check crime report statistics here by geographical location.

Active layer is supposed to be break-ins, if you want to change it, click on "rétegek" and choose what you would like to see.
Keep in mind population density while looking at the map. The density of the tags can be misleading, 10 tags in an apartment block area is not the same as 10 tags in a suburban area, as 100x as many people live in the denser area. … 0-2015.png
Also cross-reference it with the purchasing power map, to understand why break-ins happen where they do: … 0-2015.png

I have been living in Budapest for 6 months now, living centrally in the 6th district.
I go to work in district 8, and I have to say that before I came to Budapest, I heard alot about which districts would be safe and "unsafe". Ever since coming here I have never felt danger, no matter if it's walking in the morning, evening or at midnight.

For me I even lost my card while walking on the streets, and a guy found me on Facebook to return it to me. Not to say that this is something that will happen often, but it's something to know I'd say.

And as mentioned earlier, if you like to meet people by the "walk-up & talk" method then you should just trust your guts. If the person(s) seem dangerous or if you feel nervous then I'd get out of there.
Also, when walking around at night, it's a good advice to not listen to music, but check out your surroundings - this is something I do no matter where I live.

Also mentioned, if you are very worried about breakins, I suggest putting up more locks or change the door or other measures to feel safer.
Generally for me I feel safe enough with the 2 locks I have and the front door for the apartment-building.

Compared to a lot of places Budapest is a fairly safe place to live. I tend to walk everywhere even late at night and find people respectful.
If you live in the inner city there is not much difference between districts. I live in district 9 but a street away it can be Palace area, inner 5,7 or 8.
Im not paranoid about personal safety but I do take more care when on public transport and I tend to keep my valuable items in inner pockets.
I live in an old style apartment block, there are hundreds of these in town . Once through the street door I rarely see or hear any of my neighbours. All visitors to the block have to buzz in which adds an extra layer of security.

hello how are you? where is your building located? which district?

hello how are you? where is your building located? which district?

Im in district 9. Its the inner part of the area quite near to all of the Universities. It is very multi cultural. Many post graduate students live near me and we all blend in ok.

thanks for responding!! sounds very nice!!! have a great day :)

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