Which District is safe for a single mom and young kids in Budapest?

Hi all,

We are moving to Budapest soon and looking for a house or apartment.

Requirements are:
- Close to public schools, walking distance or less than 15 minutes with public transport, friendly families with kids, green areas and  mosques etc.
- Clean, modern and safe area

I would also welcome all advice on where to look for accommodation.


As far as I know, there are only two official mosques in Budapest:

http://iszlam.com/english/itemlist/cate … in-hungary

But Budapest city transportation is pretty good. So you have a pretty good radius of options around each where to look for housing.

@Klsallee... Thank u so much... u r very helpful i really do appreciate ur responses :)

Can any1 tell me which area is good for a mom with young kids? (which area is considered safe in Budapest) especially for lively kids...  :proud

Unfortunately I do not know  enough about the different Budapest districts to suggest any. But I hope others who do know might weight in on this topic.

Hope anyone can help U! @Linzee
Especially with this single mom and kids issue... 🤗

Hello Mommies,

Budapest has 23 districts, all of them are safe. Budapest constists of 2 sides, the Buda side and the Pest side. The Buda side is the richer area (Buda is a hill) and a lot of expats live in that region (eg district 1 is in and around the amazing Buda castle). However, the city centre (district 5, 6, 7) is on the Pest side. District 13 is preferable too. I live in dist 15 with my family and I adore this region with the family houses, peace and quiet. Picking a district can also depend on your transport preferences. Car or PT? Public schools are everywhere, but they are not international schools. We have some of those too, however. Budapest is a beautiful historical city, you will love it here, I hope.

I can enclose you a map of the districts if you desire.

HUNey :

I can enclose you a map of the districts if you desire.

That would be useful :)

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File … ict_13.jpg

district 13 can be a good choice

@ HUNey.. Thanx for the help.. but still also I was wondering if one person is dependent on PT, then according to u which district is a good choice??

This is HUNey's link in the open. :)

The Districts of Budapest.


All of them? There are about 300 buslines, complementing the tram and metro network, so it is not a question of coverage.

It really depends on where one wants to go.

:) Thanx SimCity for the map! :proud

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