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Good Day,
I'm working here in Saudi almost 1 month  i got positive for hepatitis  b when i was under go for my medical for IQAMA
What should I do? Will they send me back to the Philippines

Yes, the probability for being sent back is high.  Very few exceptions on work visas.

your medical results papers will be submitted to the Ministry of Health for their review. You will have to wait until they release their decision on the case. most of the cases i have encountered similar to yours ended up to be false positive and the workers were not sent back and were able to get an iqama. it does take time for the MoH decision to be released.

Hello, I am new in this forum needs your suggestion and help. Recently I got an offer at one of construction company at Saudi Arabia. For medical I need to go for GAMCA in India, but I came to know that if any one had tb earlier than he will be banned for life. I had the same around 14 years ago and it was at early stage. Without gamca if I come to Saudi and do the medical there at Saudi, will it be good? Pls reply I don't want to miss the opportunity.

You cannot come to Saudi without going through a pre-employment medical at GAMCA.  If you had TB and it left scars in your lungs, forget about working in the GCC unfortunately.

But many people are working there with that scar.

Look, I told you about the medical policy as followed by Saudi and other GCC countries.  You will HAVE to go through GAMCA to come to Saudi.  Only doing the medical in the country without going through GAMCA is possible in other GCC countries like UAE, Bahrain etc (i.e. coming here on visit visa and then converting it) but not in Saudi.

Every person and case is different.  Old TB scars are an absolute no-no.  You can focus on other people about whom you don't have the full information or you can focus on yourself.  The rest and what you do, is your choice.  You don't have to believe what I say; just go do the medical at GAMCA - if you don't have scars, you will be fine.

If found unfit than after 6 months or so can I do another GAMCA for other GCC country job?

GAMCA may allow you to re-test depending on illness but as I said, if you have old TB lung scars for which you are marked UNFIT by GAMCA, I would advise you to forget about GCC.  These scars never fade or go away so no matter how many times you re-test, the result would be the same.

If suppose GAMCA marks unfit and after few months if I go to Dubai or Oman on visit visa and if I get a job there then can I do job there while going medical there?

If suppose GAMCA report comes unfit, than after few months if I move to Dubai or Oman on visit visa and finds a job there so can I do job there while going medical of there @xtang pls reply.

You cannot work on visit visa.  Your employer will apply to convert it to a work visa and you will have to undergo medical in Dubai then.  If you don't pass it, your work visa will be cancelled and you will be deported.

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