Dear all,
I just want t share my experience on SCE Membership requirements.
I received membership certificate and card also.

First criteria for the eligibility to apply/register is you must have minimum 5 years of Experience in the related field.

Then you must have IQAMA.New comers please proceed to this once you get IQAMA. Because without iqama number you cannot create your account even.

If you are eligible then go to SCE  registration page and create your account first by filling the required information.

Then upload the following documents,

* Employment letter from the company( Must do Chamber of Commerce).
* Degree Certificated attested from the home country and Saudi as well. (during uploading make front and back copy in one PDF).
*Iqama Copy.
*CV (optional)
* Download Authorzation letter from SCE website link (Only sign and put date) and upload it.
* Consolidated Mark sheet (no need any attestation).
*Photo of yours ( upload good looking , because you will have the same on membership card)
*Passport copy

Once your submit. you will get a message and mail from SCE to your registered mobile number and Email address asking to pay 500 SAR for verification.

Salam Alaikum

How did you get your Membership Card and Certificate?
did you visit the office after you got the Membership number??

i have got my Membership number but i did not get my card and Certificate
how can i get it??

Is the 5 years is absolutely must ?
I'm here with my family and I was thinkig of being a memeber there but it's only 3 years since i graduate so I dont know if I can ?

You are a Engineer of which field?


I came to saudi arabia on engineer visa. To apply for iqama i sent my application to sec. But they rejected because my 5 years will.complete in august 2019. So they told my HR that in august we can register your employee.. Just want to ask is there any test also for this ?

My proffession is technician visa but i dont have diploma in same filed. Is possible to register in SEC without diploma with experiences certificates? In the SEC web showing that * How to register as Technician (with no diploma or certificate):
Experience certificates in the field issued by the employer/s.
Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan (click here to download the form).
Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
Copy of Passport.
Personal Photograph*

Can i register? Any one please help?

did you register ?

I’m from india. This month Jan 2020 i have been applied on SCE for engineering membership but they send massage like “Please access your profile to complete the inefficiencies” when i login into SCE website they asking to “attach your professional membership detail from your country”
In India they not provide any professional membership.
How to get accepted my application.My iqama expired soon.please help

On which registration u applied ? register as an engineer. if you are engineer.. for engineers registration they dont ask this.

yes you can.

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