Getting Married in Nantes

So, I have applied for my visa appointment at the French Embassy in Atlanta through VFSGlobal.

My two main reasons for wanting this visa is to 1.) Continue my education through Nantes University and 2.) Get married to my fiancé who lives in Nantes.

Through reading online, I've found that I have to be in France for a minimum of 6 months before I can get married. That's fine. However, I noticed that I need a new birth certificate under 3 months old in order to get married. How would I obtain that in France when I am from the States? Would I request the French translation and the new certificate in Nantes?

If anyone can give me pointers about the whole marriage process in general, that would help me tremendously.

Thank you so much!

The information you are looking for can be found HERE.

Ok, so arising a bigger question: I've applied for my visa on VFSGlobal and they didn't have the long-stay visa for "Marriage" specifically.

So, I put student visa, and once I submitted that application, it said that I needed to bring my acceptance letter with me. I don't have that because Nantes University hasn't opened up enrollment yet.

So, how/what do I pick to list my primary visa for a stay long enough to marry my fiance?

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