(Temporary Residence Permit) Process Time After Surprise visit .

I'm a Non-EU family member from Pakistan, got married to Romanian National in NOV 2017. I came to Ro in sep 2018. I've submitted all of my documents for Temporary Residence Permit in IGI - Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrari on 7th Jan 2019, apparently on 1st feb 2019 Imigrari Police did the surprise visit in our Home, everything went good and Imigrari Police requested us to Submitted Photographs , Visas and tickets from past 2 years. Which I've already submitted straight away. I was wondering is there anyone have any knowledge that how long its take more to received Temporary Residence Permit.

Many Thanks

usually after immigration visit it takes 2 weeks.

Great thank you so much for reply

u r welcome

look sir it is not sure that they give you after  or  3 weeks . and they never do the same thing with tow persons, so they can give you after 1 mounth like they can give it to you after 3 mounths

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