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Hi everyone, My husband has been offered a job in Dammam and we are considering it. Can you tell us

1. The best and closest place with each reasonable rent to live near the Indian school and the approx rent for a 3bhk too.

2. I have heard tht wearing the abaya/covering your body completely is necessary however is it mandatory to cover the head too.

3. How are the transport services there? Taxi, bus etc.

4. Can women get a driving licence?

And finally...

5. Can I get a part time maid?

Thanks in advance :)

1. The Indian School is located in an area called Rakkah which contains plenty of decent apartments for around SAR 30K. But stay away from the sea front, as sometimes there's flooding there.
2. Covering the hair is not mandatory.
3. Bus services are inadequate. Taxi services are good thru mobile applications like Careem and Uber. You'll need internet service on your mobile.
4. I believe foreign women cannot get licenses now, unless they have working iqamas. But I'm not sure about that.
5. Yes, part-time maids are available, but somewhat hard to find.
Good luck.

Thanks a lot :)

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