Istiqdam office dammam

Hello, can any body confirm me that dammam office of istiqdam is working or not? While taking appointment from no appointment is showing on it.i heared they closed the office in dammam,kindly advise

Sir, please may office Waqala

Hi, all we tried to make an appointment in Dammam Istiqdam office. But its shows  Appointment not available
any issues or istiqdam closed kindly share it

Hi , did you find any solution ...

Bro, I am facing same problem , did you get a way out ? Can you inform me please

What ? Explain more

Is there any update for istiqdam

dears, when i try to book an istiqdam appointment from Eastern province (Dammam) thru absher (MOI), it always shows "NO APPOINTMENT AVAILABLE". can anyone help to book an appointment pls ?

Ho Bro did you found solution for this issue.. please share it with me

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