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Hello. I looked for this information on the internet and here and couldn't find it.
I have a good job as a manager in a multinational firm in my home county but I want to move to Brazil to join my fiancee.
I got a job offer in São Paulo at another multinational and I can prove I have college education and more than 2 years of experience in my field so I'm about to start my visa process. My field is technical but not very well known, unlike engineering, more like applied math.
I have not requested separation from my current job because nothing guarantees the visa request will be positive but I would like to know what are in general the odds of having a vitem v when you do satisfy the requirements.
Anything helps. Thank you all.

If your prospective employer is willing to sponsor you with the Labor Ministry, your chances are pretty good.  The process is time consuming, though, and you don't want to give notice to your current employer until it's approved.
Have you and your fiancée set a date for the wedding?  If it's soon and the employer will hold the job, it may be less hassle to get your permanent residency by virtue of family reunion, which lets you work legally, without the need for approval by the Ministry.

Hello abthree. Yes, they will sponsor.
We also consulted two immigration consultants (one my fiancee found and then the international agency  my employer indicated) on this possibility but both told me it was a gamble because the police could request an investigation on my marriage and this could potentially take up to 6 months.
Do you agree on this?
Thank you very much for the support.

Note that you can only start your VITEM V application AFTER the hiring firm has submitted a petition -- with supporting documentation -- to the Ministry of Labor to approve your employment, and that petition has been approved and forwarded by the Ministry of Labor to the Foreign Ministry.  Once that happens, the process should be pretty automatic.  If your specialty is as technical and rather obscure as you suggest, I would think that the petition has a good chance of being approved; there's no way of knowing how long it will sit at the Labor Ministry, however.  Have they already filed the petition, or given you a date when they plan to file?  An offer letter alone is not enough.

I try to never say "never" with respect to Brazil, because almost anything can happen.  But if you and your fiancée are legally married, whether in a cartório in Brazil, or in Mexico, and register the marriage subsequently with the Brazilian Consulate there and with a cartório here, it's hard to imagine that the Federal Police will start an investigation on their own initiative, unless there's something obviously fishy about the marriage on its face.

If the company has an international agency working on getting you in, that's promising.  Might as well let that process run its course, while letting your personal plans move forward as well.

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