Moving to Spain from South Africa

Hi All
We are currently in the Kloof area and are looking for an area to live in Spain, looking to relocate in the next couple of years, to an area that is much like Kloof in Durban KZN..where we are about 30km from a city/coastal area to get away from the humidity. Are any there any Towns that anyone can recommend and where the cost of living is not too high?


Sorry but your question needs to be more location specific     

I doubt many here will know what any town in
South Africa is like

Spain is a pretty big country with very wide variations.    Of course posh cities will be a lot more expensive than tiny And towns which are really out of the way 

If you look at a map and then ask about a defined area I am sure you will get some worthwhile info

Regard.  John

Thank you John

I will look around, have never been to Spain so have no point of reference, will have a look at other people's comments.

Ok. But if you think about It.  If I asked you a similar question about S.A.   ‘a town like San Juan In Spain’ you would have no starting point

Agreed, however I was looking for people that have relocated from SA specifically

Kloof appears rugged... you might like the north and northwest areas of Spain (Galicia, Santander etc).  Although not too expensive, any area outside of these two cities would not “less” expensive.

Hi Stellar,

Having a look to your town's location, maybe it could be a bit similar to my hometown (30-40 km from the coast, southeast of the country). And considering humidity and weather are important factors to you, I send you the Wikipedia link where you can check our climate:

I think it is also a good idea what @morenasix proposed and look upon some cities on the north, like this one, equally far from the sea:

About the cost of living, these two are provincial capitals, so it is a little higher than other towns around them, much smaller like (I guess it is) Kloof. They seem close to Durban in your country, as you can see here: … rrency=EUR

I hope you find it helpful.

Hi Jose2013

Thank you so much for this information Jose, will most certainly check it out!

Hi Morenasix

Thank you for that!

Hi, I just saw your post about moving to Spain and more than anything I’d love to know why?  It’s a big change from SA.  I used to live in SA many years ago and often thought of returning.  I also lived in Valencia for a few years and certainly would recommend the climate there, though you would want to go a few km inland to lower the humidity (just like Durbs).  Cost of living is low most places in Spain, the only variance is the accommodation which is still low(ish) by European standards.  By the way finding work is a big issue in Spain, so you should try to have that angle covered.
Ok well get back to me on anything if you have other questions.

Good luck in any case.

Hi riojaholic
Thank you for this information, your comments were very helpful. We were actually looking at Valencia and surrounds as an option. Work is a big issue and we are trying to address this in the next two years. My other concern is the fact that we do not speak Spanish, will that be an issue? We are learning, but it is slow.

WRT moving from SA, the political climate is becoming very unstable, have a look at online "South Africa Today" and "Daily Maverick"...crime is escalating, tired of the violence..leaning towards Zimbabwe with the land grabs too. We want our family to grow up in a country where they don't need to hide behind bars and locked gates in fear of their lives etc.

Try the free app Duolingo!  I’m actually learning
French :)

Thank you, I definitely will :) :)

Hi Stellar,
I definitely think the Valencian hinterland (anywhere between Castellón and Cartagena) would be a good bet.
Consider the high cost of living though, and finding a job is not easy.

(I used to go on holiday near Durban as a child but have been living in Spain since 2001)

Hi Robert

Thanks for that, Valencia and surrounds sounds lovely, we were rather worried about the cost of living too so will have a look and compare. How has Spain treated you, did you manage to adapt ok considering that the language issues and lifestyle is so different?

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