New members of the Portugal forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Portugal forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Portugal if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello Everyone!

My name is ‘Wunmi Adekoya, a Nigerian currently residing in Abuja and I am planning to go into farming business in the Algrave region of Portugal, in the second half of 2019.

I am hopeful that I will learn a lot here which should greatly facilitate my relocation plan.

My name is Steven!
I will be moving to porto next week, work reasons ;-)
If anyone wants to hang out, and guide me through my first walks in Porto, feel free :-)

Hi Steven! Be welcome to Porto.
Is it your first time here?
I can be your guide for one afternoon :)

Hi, we would like to live in Portugal ( Dutch/French)but not sure which area would be best, we would like to be not too far from Lisbon and not far from the beach, my husband and I are around 60 years and are looking to retire in and around the Silvercoast but not too isolated either, any suggestions would be welcome , thanks Ida

Hi everyone I have just signed up on here, looking forward to meeting new people. Currently residing in central Algarve, been here for a year and finding it tricky to integrate. I desperately need to learn the language but I am strugling to find any classes nearby. Hope to get any advice and guidance from a member.

My husband & I have been living in Portimao since October and have had no problem with the language. Most people speak English here and are generally very friendly. I've even joined the local gym where I have been made to feel very welcome, even in the zumba class! We love it here and are even in the process of buying an apartment here. Good luck, hope you feel settled soon

We are visiting the Algarve area in early May for 2 weeks to see if this might be a place we would consider relocating to.  Prefer to be near the coast. 
Considering staying at 3 or 4 different cities while there.  Any suggestions on cities or specific rentals while there. May 1 to May 13
Thanks  Patrick & Rebecca

Hello everyone,
we are a family of 4 (dad mom 2 young kinds) considering moving to portugal. we posted a thread hoping to get some help

Thanks a lot



Hello Guys!
My wife and I just started the planning stage for moving to Portugal.
I am an EU citizen living in the USA for last 20+ years, My wife is US citizen. We should be able to avoid the visa process in the states hopefully, The plan is once there we will start the process for residency. Any help on this topic would be great!

There is so much to do i am already going crazy. I hope  this forum will have a lot of answers. We are planning to move either before the end of the year or early next year,

Our budget is not big at all, we will have to find a rental somewhat cheaper..We would like to live in a smaller village not too far from a town, So far Castelo Branco and Coimbra are the ones popping up on my search for a rental.
I like warm weather and my wife like the changing of seasons, I will prolly lose the battle but never

Any help or tips would be great!

Hi, you should also consider some  Porto region suburbs,  which are up and coming, very safe, fantastic people, great weather, great food, tons of culture, eclectic, rural beautiful, and many suburbs a stone away from the city.

Hi, we’ve  been living in northern Portugal for the past 5years.  We started our serach for our “perfect property” about 10 years ago, from Algarve to north of Porto.   In this relatively short time, we’ve seen a tremendous change in the country.  We are so happy we decided to build and live in the north, where the charm is still alive, but also sophisticated and beautiful.  The north is absolutely stunning and still  “the best kept secret” in Portugal.  I advise new comers to be broad minded and go beyond Algarve and Lisbon.  Those destinations are a must to visit, but to live permanently have become over priced, overcrowded and over there!...Welcome to beautiful Portugal.

Hi there. It was interesting to hear your idea of Porto. What actually is the weather like year round in Porto/ north Portugal?
I had been on a different forum and it seemed to be full of discontent brits that advised m Portugal to be far too cold and too wet. Is that the case? I know it rains as it is beautiful and lush. But is it most of the year?
Seems like a petty question but perpetual grey drizzle can be depressing, sun and rain not so

Hi Dilys, yes far north can be like that in the winter months, however within 25 km radius of Porto city the weather is fine, with lots of sunshine.  Also really nice in the Coimbra district, although that area is much less developed and rural.  Alentejo on the other hand ( south of Lisbon) gets uncomfortably hot, reaching over 40c in summer.

Hey I will be moving to Lisbon at the end of the month and can't wait :)

Thank you. We were thinking about coimbra, central Portugal we are currently in Canada, and as much as I love it here I don’t think I’ll care if I never see snow again lol

Hi all
  I am from india , l like to work in Portugal. Will any one help me . My email ***

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Following this! I hope to visit in late 2019 with the same goal as you, wanted to know what 3-4 places I should try to see in the Algarve region so I can make a decision... :)

Hello everyone, we are looking to retire to the Algarve region of Portugal in the next 5-10 years.  We are looking, specifically, around Lagos, but would be open to other possibilities.

Can anyone help me to get job in Portugal . I am from India .


I visited Portugal a few months back and I liked it so much that I am in the final stages of completing purchase of a home in Lagos.

Would love to meet people and make friends

Eric from SC, US.
70YO, retired, widowed, financially secure.
Want to relocate to PT, probably Algarve.

Hello everyone, I am contemplating moving to Portugal from Zimbabwe.  Am 54 years old and would love to know the job situation and which are the best places for English speaking who cannot speak Portuguese.

Hi, did you move to Portugal and how is it?

Hi Everybody I moved to Central Portugal 18 months ago with my husband, dog and 2 cats.
We are English and previously lived in Andalucia for 10 years.
Loving Portugal and have just moved into our own house having planned it from scratch.
Now lots of hard work sorting out all our worldly goods and then landscaping the extensive grounds.

Hi Dilys
We live at Ansião 40 minutes from Coimbra love the area, but you should know in the winter it can be quite wet. Also it is often windy, don’t let that put you off though the Portuguese people are great the scenery beautiful we love it.

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