Moving to Portugal once retired

My wife and I are testing life in Lagos for 1 month and are interested to talk to some current expats to understand their experiences of living here. This will help us in our decision making towards retirement living.
Appreciate any advice over a coffee or cold drink

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Please have a look at this thread. It might answer your questions.

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We are a French couple who lived in Brazil, and 21 years in the US. 7 years after returning to France we decided to move to Portugal as retired people from the private industry benefiting thus from the tax break. We moved in 2 weeks ago after having spent 1 month in Portugal last year and 15 days again this year. I would advise not to settle in west Algarve: too crowded in Summer and a desert in the winter. We settled in Almancil in the middle of the "gold triangle" where there is real life (not tourist oriented life) all year round with a nice mixture of local and foreign residents. 
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Good luck

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we are a belgian couple ( husband is retired from the private industry sector)
and just moved 45 minutes north of lisbon. it's a small town(lourinha) and the people are friendly. there's a good mix of tourist, local residents and expats in this area.
we discovered this place 3 years ago and when we could, we came to stay.
weather here is glorious the past two weeks since we came and the nights just cool down for the good night's rest.

Hi, how interesting! We are in the process of purchasing a house in Lagos! How do you like it so far? we thought it was a terrific town, not just a touristic place.

" I would advise not to settle in west Algarve"

I beg to disagree, Western Algarve goes all the way to Aljezur and is not the most touristic region of Algarve, in my opinion. We found that the Golden Triangle mentioned by the poster is the name of a triangle of wealthy resorts which represent the most affluent tourist area of the entire Algarve. Just my two cents. We chose Lagos to be a bit removed from that area. It is a charming town on its own.

Thanks for your comments.  My wife and I in our 4th and final week in Lagos. The weather has been amazing for October. We love the nice mix of tourist and local town bustle.  Pretty expensive for property we would like and the weak pound does not help. Who knows after Brexit,it might improve again😬. Taking a look a little more inland and towards Silves this week. Does anyone know of an expat community around Lagos?

Intesting to here about your buying in Lagos.
My wife and I were there last week.
We are looking to buy in Luz. Maybe do a month trial to see if we like it?
Would like to talk to anyone who lives in the area.


Hi there, well, we don't live there yet  :)

We almost bought a house in Silves but it sold just before we sold our property.  We like Silves a lot but keep in mind that being more inland, it is hotter in the summer.

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