Considering Moving to Portugal with 2 kids

Hi Guys,
I am from Canada. We are all Canadian Citizens. Wife is dual citizen of Brazil and Canada and as a result the kids are also dual citizens. My kids are 6 and 3 years.

I can work from home as long as I have decent internet connection. Looking to move to Portugal long term. Possibly rent for few months in a central spot to check out all the town before buying a property.

We want to settle/live in a house (3 or 4 bedroom) with some nice land where we can grow some vegetables/fruits and raise few animals (hobby farm). Preferably with in 1 hour drive or 100km from Lisbon airport. Proximity to coast is not important but if there are some towns thats close then its great.

Schools for the kids is important. Local language school is okay as long as its up to good standards and teaches English as a course. Other than international school....are there local private schools in addition to public schools? Are the public schools adequate?

As for the weather, I prefer Lisbon like annual weather or warmer, so no high altitude areas where it can get colder than Lisbon. 

What are some towns/cities with some great friendly people that meets this criteria. Please recommend some so that I can look them up and do some research and them to the list of towns to visit and check them out during the first few months. I would be interested in hearing about some great inland towns as well.

Thanks in advance!

Well well, hello there.

We are another Canadian family and preparing to move to Portugal in the near future, probably less than 5 years. We have two kids as well, the oldest one  22 and one more year university and the youngest 11 years old.

We want to move in southern part of Portugal and start a business B&B. we do not speak Portuguese at all but we will learn quickly. Our goal is to run this business as support to our income and because we have some experience in this field.

We speak and understand other languages as a family Greek, Italian, Russian, Albanian.

We  were in Algarve in May 2018 and visited all the area and founded it very interesting and decided to go back  October (2019). We hope that someone might have some experience to share with us.

Thank you


Public schools are usually fine and you can also find good quality private schools asides from the international ones. Bear in mind that the more you move away from Lisbon, the less options you'll have when it comes to schools.

You have premium zones that are close but up to 30-60 minutes away from Lisbon such as Cascais or Sintra, but it will be hard for you to find a house there with some land at a reasonable cost. Options coming to my mind would be:

North of Lisbon:
Torres Vedras

South of Lisbon:


Good move, but canada is equally good to live.
We also plan to move to portgual in central region name evora or near by. Looking far agriculture farm or more precise vineyard with house.
If you find good options share with me also at

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Hi, we're another family that is looking to move to Portugal. We've got 3 kids (5 yo, 3yo and a newborn). Wife is French, all kids are French citizens. We're looking at Portugal because we just love its awesome beaches as well as countryside, safety, and relatively low cost of living, among other things.

We currently live in Armenia. We actually can't decide between Canada or Portugal. Canada seems to offer more opportunities for the kids but it's just too darn expensive. I would really like to know what you guys did in the end. Did you complete the move to Portugal? Would you suggest raising kids in Canada vs Portugal?

Any info would be useful.

Thank you!

I moved to Portugal with 4 kids. Originally from Ukraine, lived in Austria and Spain. Now I see many families here from Canada. You nowhere find a better place for living than Portugal. The best school situated in Sintra 15 minutes from Cascais and Lisbon. You can ask me any question.

Hi I am Indian planning to move to Portugal with my wife and two kids I have been contacted by agent who is stating that we will find jobs and have good life please advise

Hi what's is the average monthly expenses for a Family of 4 and Job availability for. Teachers and services industry and and what is the cost of a two. Bedroom apartment and single bedroom apartment in Lisbon.
Please give me your valuable advise.


Hi Kiran,

Nice to hear that you are looking to move to Portugal. The rental in Lisbon are from 1500 to 1000 Euro approx depending on area which you can check on top property portals like idealista, kyero, Green acres etc. About getting a job yes you can get a job but be aware but it depends on industry. Teachers requires certain qualification to teach etc.

Let me know if any help needed or pm me


Hi Bryan,

Thank you for replying. I have been contacted by an agent charging closely to 10000 Euros for me and my wife and children, So I have 10 years of experience in the BPO industry (customer care, Sales) and my wife is a teacher and pursuing a TEFL course. what are the chances of we getting placed and is it true that health insurance and education is free for work permit people as well? sorry for asking too many questions but it is important as well.

thanks in advance.


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