Twickenham to Bulgaria

Hi all,

First post so intro name is Ty and I am from London. I have owned a property on BG since 2003 in south east region.

I will be driving over for the first time this year and staying for 3 months with my wife and whippet called Fella. I am after any info or tips on offer to make my journey easier.

I have yet to decide my route but the choice will be either the Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania route or my preference which is France, Italy, Croatia direction but don't really want to travel through Serbia as I only ever hear bad things about travelling through. I also have the dog to worry about and although we won't be in EU when I leave in June I am hoping travel will still be reasonably unchanged in EU countries.

Anyway and advice or tips will be greatly appreciated in particular with routes, hotels and vignettes etc.



Hi there,
your second option is the best but include Slovenia (it's soooo beautiful)
this is the route we take twice a year, we love it.
We are in Voynika between Yambol and Burgas so if you pass by come over, we'll be there end of June till the end of August.

Thanks,,,,,,,,still deciding route. What is your exact route?

Hi again all,

I am now doing the necessary searching for european breakdown cover. Has anyone ever actually had to use their cover and if so did it work out well and who have people used for euro breakdown cover.

I have found prices varying from £66.00 for annual cover up to £247.00 at present.

Any info much appreciated.

Hiya Ty, I agree with Sihemt, I have driven from the UK to BG about three times now and always take that route, and never had any problems. Got the ferry to France in the early hours of the morning, drove to Frankfurt about 07:00. Then got my head down for a few hours, then off again, really loved the drive.  Terry

Hi all,

I have chosen a route to suit what I want to see on the way to BG so I am travelling on Eurotunnel and then will drive first day to Strasbourg. Second day stopping just outside Vienna in St Polten. third day will be stopping in a small town called Bazosu Nou just east of Timisoara in Romania and then last day will drive to Sofia to stay with friends for a couple of days before heading off to our house for 3 months......happy days!!!!

If anyone thinks unwise then please let me know of anything I should watch out for.

It would seem that you can buy all vignettes required on line nowadays so will purchase beforehand.

This a very handy site for you, EU Tolls. I would also follow the news as the UK is leaving the EU and new rules might come into force, driving and bringing pets into the EU.

Any tips on european breakdown cover anyone. My trip is for 92 days so I am struggling to find cover as most stipulate no more than 31 days per trip and not more than 90 days per annum.

I am thinkimg I need cover when getting to and from BG so should I do 2 single trips of a week at a time or is this dodgy ground as the second stint of cover will start when I am in BG but I have not seen anything stating cover MUST start in UK.

Anyone got any ideas or info?

Ty. … down-cover

Hiya Ti,
I don't know what age you are but I took out breakdown Insurance Insurance with SAGA they are underwritten by "Acromas Insurance Company Limited ". I am talking about 2014, If I remember correctly the Eu cover was for the whole time you were out of the UK, like you I was out of the country at 6 months or so at any one time. If you are not old enough for SAGA, take a look at Acromas directly. I did have to claim from them as my car was stolen out here in BG, what a song and dance that was, they even got one of their staff to friend me on Facebook to try and find out if I was involved in the theft, but I switched on to that right away, It all seemed a bit odd so I gave her all the crap she wanted to know just through chatting in general, then she disappeared, never heard from again. So be careful whoever you take out Insurance with, they try anything to squirm out of paying up if you put in a claim.

                                                                     Good Luck,


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