International Operator: How to Call


I have been in Cebu for 5 days, and it has been fun being here for Sinulog Festival. I am having problems with my Bank of America MasterCard. I have tried booking domestic flights on AirAsia or Agoda, and the bank wants me to verify the charge by returning a text message to my non-working US cell phone. I called and tried to explain, but the phone load disappears.

On the back of the card, there is a number to call collect for international, but I don't know how to Dial the operator.


Glad you're enjoying it here. Dial 001, then the normal 10 digit number. That should do it. I call US numbers for business from time to time. I also carry an Amex card as there's never a problem when traveling. And two debit cards (different banks, keep one tucked away) just in case one bank locks me down, which happens from time to time, lol. The Philippines is considered a high risk country by most financial institutions.

Google hangouts allows free calls to most US numbers.
If that's a problem, Skype have a very cheap calling plan. You just have to add a little credit and you're in business.


Never thought to use Skype or Hangouts for this use. I added my Hangouts number, and the verification code came through GMail.

Thanks for telling me.

Ooma with a stateside number works very well here. This probably won't help you, but anyone in the states reading this, buy yourself an Ooma Telo before coming here. I was able to transport my stateside landline number before I left to my Ooma. (only drawback that sometimes your phone will ring at 4 am with someone telemarketing.)

On the other end, their caller ID shows your stateside number. Twice now I need stateside assistance, (not banks) called the stateside customer service and their call center was located here in the Philippines. Voip to the states then routed back to the Philippines, 14,000 miles.

When you get a hold of BofA let them know you will be using your card here.  For those of you in the states, get a re-mailer for all your bank stuff, change your card address to the address assigned to by the re-mailer.

Then get an email account only for your bank & financial stuff only. Switch to online statements but notify all your card issuers that some charges will be originating in the Philippines.

magicjack works for me on my laptop and can be used on your phone all you need is an internet connection, its cheap, and it works, its like having a usa number in your pocket  and its a free call from the usa to you, no matter where you are in the world

Good grief . . . . . Bank of America is always a pain. . . . . I use their card here with no problem, the problem with them is sometimes bringing up your statement to pay the card. I've been locked out many times. I go through all the online procedures to the point where they will send you with a numerical pass code which expires in 10 minutes either voice or text.

I use my Ooma (VOIP) for my calls with my stateside number. It doesn't receive text so I opt for voice. The call never comes so I have to call them. For Bank of America you wait a long time after getting through their maze of push 1 for this, 2 for that, etc etc before speaking to a live person after another long wait, meanwhile your 10 minute window closed a half hour ago.

Like everything else done in the Philippines, nothing it easy, a 15 minute task can take you all day.