Urgently seeking for jobs/internship opportunities in Brussels Belgium

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I'm currently working at an international marketing agency in Hongkong but am looking forward to relocating to Brussels Belgium by July 2019. I've been applying for jobs on LinkedIn and many other recruitment websites like crazy but either no replies or got rejected... I'm urgently looking for a job/internship/traineeship in Brussels ASAP. I'm rather flexible on different industries and specialized in marketing and HR. 

Getting a work permit for Europe seems so difficult but I really move there to be closer to my partner since we've been doing long distance for 2 years.. even though we travel back and forth sometimes but it's so tiring... I don't mind working as an intern or trainee as long as it's an industry I'm interested in.

Also if you know of any good recruitment agencies in Brussels or in Europe, which help people hunt for jobs, please share with me! Much appreciated!

Hi Sumdee,

The European job market is overwhelmed by candidates compared to the low number of potential jobs. It is normal that you do not receive encouraging answers if you do not fulfill at least the basic administrative conditions that are filled through its two sites:

- http://www.eu-bluecard.com/
- http://www.enic-naric.net/belgium.aspx

Unless you have really attractive skills, no recruiting agency will take you in his team because they will not invest in the process of work visa without guarantee of employment contract.

I can understand your desire but I must be factual in the analysis of your request. So even if you say you're ready to accept anything for work, there are already hundreds of people in Belgium in this situation ...

What do you consider "really attractive" job skills?
Does Belgium have a short skills list? I know certain countries such as NZ do, but I've not been able to find one for Belgium.

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