Hi to all and need info please.

Hi everyone. First post here but have been “lurking” for quite a while.  Didn’t feel I knew enough to write an intelligent question.

But hey; here goes...

My wife and I are looking to buy a property in the Cabarete area and live here 4-6 months a year.  I’ve seen many posts that say buying a house is frought with potential problems, but I can’t find definitive info as to why that is said.   Can someone clue me in?

We are looking for a home or condo near the beach (condo within 1/2 mile, or home within 1 mile).  We don’t really want to drive so, want to be within walking distance of food and recreation. 

We are in our 60’s so partying is not real big.  We don’t “flash” money and jewelry around and generally  don’t make targets of ourselves.  We try to be “below the radar”.

My concern is since we will be away from our 2nd home at least half the year, how do I protect my property?  I don’t want to fly in and find someone has moved in.  I don’t know the laws, but I do know they probably lean towards “locals” when making judgements.  Am I wrong?

We are not looking for a flashy place.  Just one under $200k, but safe.  We currntly live in Georgia, USA.  I am retired and hate winters.

Well this is an introduction and I hope you don’t mind if I follow up with more questions that are bound to come up.

We hope to visit in Feb or March and would LOVE to get together with some expats.


You should check out Las Terrenas.  You can walk to everything and homes are very reasonable.  El Catey airport is 20 minutes from the town.  The population is very international.  We are from 🇨🇦. Gary

Thanks Gary.  Is it more expensive to fly to/from the USA to the airport that services Las Terrenas?

Las Terrenas is an option

Hello Bob,

In the course of my initial due diligence and prior to making my first exploratory trip I was researching the protocol to assure a safe land/property acquisition.

In the course of doing that, and deciding to look carefully into Cabrera, I ran across Denise Bess of https://www.droceanview.com/ .

As I dug further into the area I became aware that she was a native of the US and so had dealt with the property buying/owning issues from the perspective of having been a realtor in California for years.

I was afforded every courtesy during my stay in the area and overcame my initial resistance to taking the DR Escapes tour.  I had imagined that I would be with a bunch of other folks and seeing stuff that didn't interest me while getting a thinly veiled sales pitch.

I was TOTALLY wrong, nothing could have been further from the truth!

The tour was just for me and I saw exactly what I went down to investigate which was centered on rehabilitating properties, direct building costs, buying property and the like.  I spent a whole week doing just that and had I tried to do it on my own I'd have accomplished only about a  third of what we were able to accomplish together and I would have probably spent three times the money.  All in all it was a highly productive trip and time and money well spent.  I have a comprehensive Buyer's Guide and Checklist if you would like me to email it to you in .pdf form.

Overall, I was most impressed in accompanying Denise as she went out her daily business and the extent to which she was vertically integrated and networked into the local community in terms of contractors, cabinet makers, masons, maestros, attorneys and the financial community.  As far as I can tell they present a well organized and economical One Stop Shop.

I will add that in visiting Cabarete, Las Terrenas, Samana and Cabrera that Cabrera is my favorite.  I like the laid back atmosphere and excellent beaches nearby.  Key attraction was the rocky coastline which meant less touristy, more of a fishing village and very homey feel and lower cost of very desirable  properties.  I stayed in a beautiful development (La Catalina) with awesome ocean views and breezes with no crowding which suited me perfectly.

Good luck and kind regards,


Thank you for the gr8 information.  I would love your checklist if the offer still stands.

In terms of your original question - to leave your place several months of the year, you want someone you trust looking after things for you. That can be a company or an individual. Someone who checks in regularly. Someone who notices what is wrong or who around is supposed to be there.

Bob may be able to help you with that!  Message him privately. I would never ever leave a place here for several months all alone.

Thx Planner.  Maybe he’ll reply here so I know how to contact him.

I will message him as well for you honey.

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