Marrying Indonesian girl and settling in Indonesia

I am 23 year old Indian currently working in New Delhi as marketing professional. I hv been in relationship with a Indonesian girl for 2 year and we both want to marry . We both hv same religion as muslim.
I did traveled to Indonesia 3 times on tourist visa to meet her.

Now I want to marry her and stay in indosia and start some business in her name.
Is it possible ? What are the procedures for it.
And is it necessary for marriage to take place in Indonesia or we can also marry in India? … =3#4335209

That should look after a few of your questions

Follow the link above as it’s solid basic information
Ultimately you will need to contact your embassy in Indonesia and or at home and request what documents/ copies you will need to provide if marriage to take place in Indonesia, these will need translations you may need to register the marriage at your embassy later within Indonesia/ home country for it to become legal, they are a couple of types of marriages within Indonesia one or two are fully legal others are not (someone else could better explain) and are therefore none legal binding
You may need to provide a police report (not sure how accurate so needs confirmed)
If marriage to take place in your home country your future wife will need to clarify documents to be provided as mentioned above with both embassies she to may need a police report and some countries require full medical reports, both embassies will confirm this
Also the documents you both need will expire quite quickly so your dates need to be solid

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