Local / Traditional foods

Help me add to the list of local Hungarian foods, maybe with some pictures & maybe even recipes? :)
Most of these I haven't tried yet :)

* Bableves (bean soup)

* Bacon strips (fried over open fire)


* Gombafejek Rantva (fried mushroom caps)

* Goulash (Meat)


* Goulash (Chicken - note the head)


* Halaszle (mixture of several kinds of poached fish, tomatoes, green peppers and paprika)

* Nockerln

* Pacal (Menudo, Stomachgoulash?)


* Pickles


* Pörkölt (stew)

* Rantott sajt (fried cheese)

* Sztrapacska (noodle dish)

* Toerpa Harcza (Catfish) bbqed


* Turoscsussza ((Hungarian pasta with cheese)

Desert / Snack:

* Csiga (thanks stromnessdundee)

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3156/2864304713_892a533a0f_m.jpg - makos palmente- poppy seed pastry

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3019/2805142557_7a4c775b16_m.jpg - kakao csiga- chocolate snail

* Gesztenyepüré (cooked chestnuts mashed, topped with whipped cream)

* Langos (fried dough eaten with garlic, salt, cheese and sour cream)

* Palatsinka (sort of thin pencake)

* Retes (Strudel - layered pastry filled with apple, cherry, poppyseed, curd or cheese)

And some drinks?

* Pálinka

* Unicum: made of 40 Hungarian herbs 

And here's one of a Buffet in general :)


(Some information from here)

Very nice topic !

Thanks, I hope I get some more pics together though :(

My folks lived there for years, and they make a killer mushroom soup and there is a sour cherry juice that is awesome as well....hmmm  OH, and you can get this jarred pickled hot peppers that are so good, I liked to chop them smallish and mix them with rice, they were almost the same colour so you can't really see them, you just get a nice sizzly surprise. 

Then there are all the different types of paprikas...and saffron...oh my.....

Ok, wow, that all sounds so yummie!
I made sour cherry jam this year (no one in my neighbourhood picked them, so I did :) )
Juice might be something for next year, thanks for the idea.
(Somewhere in storage I have a machine to make juice, I think I need to go digg for it :D)

I love mushrooms. I bought some from some Gipsy women this year, cut them up and dried them. They are so yummie!

And yes, we had some BIG surprises with those Paprika / Peppers, grin :)

The cakes are really good in Hungary.  Well let me rephrase that- they all look really good but when you come to eat them- some are a bit weird.  I have had mostly good experiences though.

Oh, and those rolled cakes with all the poppy seeds!!! mmmmmmmm

Csiga?  I have a picture of the cocoa ones and a picture of a poppy seed palmente- I will post them.  The pastries are my favourites- I have never had a bad one.

Yes, the cakes can be weird sometimes.
For my taste most of them are too sugary.

But I love Retes, yumyum :)

I found some more shots too, will post them later today.

And I knew, you would come to my rescue here eventually, Jo :)

Added two pics of some Toerpa Harcza :)

Don't forget the classic ..pogacsa! - the tiny salty bread rolls perfect after a night on the town.


Oh yes, they are awesome!
Even while having -uhm- fun :D!
Do you by any chance have the recipe???

HI !
My favorite Hungarian dishes are :  halaszle (fish soup ) Baja style
Gulyas leves ( beef soup with paprika and cumin )
Toltott paprika (stuffed pepper in tomato sauce )
Toltott kaposzta ( stuffed cabbage ) in great plain style - it means a lots of paprika but no tomato - in some western and eastern areas  tomato is added to the cabbage and I dislike that
paprikas krumpli ( boiled potato in  paprika sauce )

learn more about thepaprika !

Hey girl,
I totally missed your reply :)

Mh, what you mention sounds soooo good :)!

I love Hungarian cooking .There are big differences - you know .In the western area they use less paprika - and more sophisticated is the blend of spices .
Do you know "korozott"? - The white cheese mixed with some paprika butter -grated onion  and eaten   as sandwich spread or stuffed into bell peppers ? In my hometown  (western Hungary ) -it is eaten with less paprika and with some cumin added and it is wonderful . On the great plain it is eaten red very red - -and I like  when the cow cheese is mixed with some ewe cheese .That is really something very special !:)

Nope, have not seen that here in the South. Must look out for that. I love cheese!

You can buy it in tubs in supermarkets, it is usually near the cheesespreads.  Aldi even stock it.  I love it.

Yes ,Nicole - it is sold even in Tesco -ready made . KOROZOTT  is the name with dots on the O s .

But you can make it at home as well . You buy TURO -  you know it dont you .You mix it with some butter ,grated onion ,paprika ,sour cream and leave it in the fridge for some hours to get the  best possible taste .
To make the gourmet version of that you can add any or all of the followings : cumin ,beer (just very small amount) ,ewe cheese (juh turo  in Hungarian )http://www.geocities.com/orangecountyhungarians/Korozott.jpg


stromnessdundee :

You can buy it in tubs in supermarkets, it is usually near the cheesespreads.  Aldi even stock it.  I love it.

Very funny. We don't have Aldi down here.
We have Lidl, better than nothing ;)

And Tesco is 60km from us, we barely ever go there ;)

But now that I see the pic - I had it with some of our friends :)

Thanks for the recipe!! Yummy :)

Chestnut puree = gesztenye pure   have you ever tried that ?

   chestnut hearts = gesztenye szivek

   Living far from Hungary I miss those delights so much .http://m.blog.hu/lo/lorien/image/gesztenyepure/gesztenyepure.jpg

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