July & August in Mauritius

*** I am Naveena* I am British/Canadian* I teach English at a college in the lovely Salalah in southern Oman * On my annual holiday in July & August 2019, I will be exploring your region where I wish to retire in a year and a half * My passion is Law of Attraction * Each day, I follow the steps - TUNED IN * TAPPED IN * TURNED ON  (Abraham Hicks) and I believe we all have this natural ability to guide ourselves to our power at any time… I welcome new friends from *Reunion*Madagascar*Mauritius*I really need help with my French (smile)

Dear Naveena,
No worries. You can contact me anytime you wish to get more info or even chat for details.
I am Mauritian and work at the University of Mauritius.
Wish you all the best for our endeavours.

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