Looking for companies that sponsor work visas for Medical Coders

So a few months ago, I applied for a Medical Coder position for Optum. After two days of interviewing, and an exam, I was told the position would be offered to me if I already have a work visa. I explained that I can not process a work visa without a company contract. In the end, the job offer was retracted as the company was not willing to sponsor my visa.

For reference, I am an American certified professional coder (CPC) wanting to gain a few years experience as a coder here. Yes, I have tried my luck applying to the US as a coder but have been rejected multiple times over the lack of experience. It is my preference to stay here anyway.

My question is, are there any other companies that I can apply that would sponsor my visa? Or shall I try an expat recruitment agency? Losing hope and feeling down. I really would appreciate advice.

You will not be able to work for Optum in the Philippines, as you're dealing with patient confidentiality and legalities surrounding US law. One of the difficulties when it comes to obtaining work visa's in the US, is the amount that it will cost the company to obtain the visa, the paper work, and the red tape. Most US companies just want to hire someone without having to do that.

Most companies offering work visa's are needing to fill positions that are completely in constant need of immediate staff, and are lucrative enough for the company to wish to go as far as bringing someone in from outside of the country through a work visa.

This is one of the reasons au pairs are able to land work visa's through their agency with seemingly not much issue

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