Looking for companies that sponsor work visas for Medical Coders

So a few months ago, I applied for a Medical Coder position for Optum. After two days of interviewing, and an exam, I was told the position would be offered to me if I already have a work visa. I explained that I can not process a work visa without a company contract. In the end, the job offer was retracted as the company was not willing to sponsor my visa.

For reference, I am an American certified professional coder (CPC) wanting to gain a few years experience as a coder here. Yes, I have tried my luck applying to the US as a coder but have been rejected multiple times over the lack of experience. It is my preference to stay here anyway.

My question is, are there any other companies that I can apply that would sponsor my visa? Or shall I try an expat recruitment agency? Losing hope and feeling down. I really would appreciate advice.

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