Franchise as Foreigner

someone here have own as Foreigner a Franchise  in the Philippines??
Possible to do it ??
Greetings Ralf

I think that a franchise or any other kind of business for that matter, is fine. Keeping in mind of course, the 60/40 ownership rule. If you don’t mind a minority ownership thus giving ultimate control of your business and also your money to someone else, go for it.

I’ve seen many, many stories where the foreigner was simply voted right on out of their business or they’ve voted to close the business entirely and liquidate. Also vote to shift assets elsewhere to new losing proposition entities. Remember, you’re the minority owner so you’ll have to sit back and enjoy the ride. Or the crash rather.
Sure, you can go to a local court and try to prevail, good luck with that one. Many, many stories out there about that also. 
As the saying goes here, if you want to make a million here, bring two million with you.

Everything from business, to housing, to land is geared towards the locals and against foreigners. The only thing geared towards helping foreigners here is, helping them part with their money. 

Personally, I wouldn’t touch any major purchase scenarios here but, that’s just me.

I would recommend reading every expat board and foreigners doing business articles that you can find on this subject. I think that you’ll find way more people getting screwed then success stories.

In any event, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Right on there Tim ...

Sounds not really good, looks like the Philippines are not so Foreigner friendly as i was thinking.

How you Guys stay there alive ?

Filipinos are a very friendly and congenial group of people.  They welcome most foreigners to their country.   Come to the Philippines, enjoy your vacation, but remain a tourist and a guest of the country only.  You will be viewed as being very rich by many Filipinos.  So, you need to be on guard for Filipinos who have a business idea for you, or know of a hidden Japanese treasure, or even just want to be your very best friend ...

Hi Ralf,
As Bob said, come here and enjoy the people, the culture and the Country.
Don’t come here if you’re looking for safe investment opportunities or looking to make money. The odds are stacked against you. Even bank accounts here are only insured for less then 10K US or 500,000PH against loss. Not that anything would happen to the banks but, it certainly has happened elsewhere in the world including the US where banks have gone belly up. That is certainly something else that I would want to guard against.

I think that most of us staying here long term either have retirement benefits or income derived from our home Countries that allow us to live here.
If I had money to invest which sadly I do not, I would buy a house or condo in my home Country that I could rent out at a profit to provide the cash to live here.

As with going anywhere in the world, especially to live, I would spend a great deal of time researching anything and everything before even remotely considering making a jump.

Good luck!!!

I am living right now since over 5 Years in Taiwan, now I am thinking move the Philippines. The past 5 Years I was working here for a machine engineering Company. The contract is finished and getting a new Job looks like impossible. I already get the Taiwan Lifetime residential, so I even can stay there. After 8 month trying to get a new Job here I give up. To set up an own Business here is very complicated; you must be perfect in read and write Chinese. I am not.....

Then I have seen that I can get easy get the SRRV Visa in the Philippines, so I am thinking move to there.

How complicated is it at the Philippines to get an IT Job?

Most expat IT work in the Philippines is done by self employed working online or working for a foreign employer.

7/11 one million peso fee

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